Preparations for the 4th International Ladies Cup at PoloPark Berlin are in full swing with six teams from five nations providing an international competition.

Beyond the matches a diverse program includes a Hat Contest highlighting the tradition and elegance of polo. The support from renowned sponsors such as Wolfgang Weiss’s fashion brand “blanche,” Polo Sylt, and Ingo Pyko Real Estate will enhance the tournament experience.

A new feature this year is the option for table reservations, offering guests an exclusive tournament experience. Complementing this are top-notch gastronomy and musical accompaniment by Polo DJ Sebastian, ensuring a perfect ambiance.

The upcoming release of official women’s handicaps by the German Polo Association marks an important step in promoting and recognizing women’s polo. The forthcoming tournament at PoloPark Berlin stands out for its high-caliber field of participants, a versatile program, and support from distinguished sponsors. It promises to be an unforgettable event for all polo enthusiasts and guests, further highlighting the sport’s allure.