Four teams battled it out at the AHPC April League on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Club.

The subsidiary final of the AHPC League 2024 kicks offed with an exhilarating match-up between PBS-Hesketh Polo and MOR-Ralph Stars Polo. Raja Abuljebain of the latter team secured the initial goal, setting the pace for MOR-Ralph Stars Polo. Despite a valiant attempt by Tomas Palacios to level the score for his team, MOR-Ralph Stars Polo maintained their lead throughout the second chukker. Keita Nakazawa widened the gap by scoring the third goal for the leading team. PBS-Hesketh Polo saw a glimmer of hope when Kim Roche netted their first goal, breaking the scoring drought.

Despite PBS-Hesketh Polo's concerted team effort, MOR-Ralph Stars Polo demonstrated unwavering resilience in their defensive maneuvers. Finally, their cohesive teamwork proved decisive, securing victory as the Subsidiary Final winners of the AHPC League 2024.

Match Progression: PBS-Hesketh Polo vs. MOR-Ralph Stars Polo 0-1 | 0-2 | 0-3 | 1-4

 The final match between Habtoor Polo and Mahra-Wolves Polo was a thrilling affair, filling the field with excitement. Habtoor Polo took the lead early, ending the first chukker with a 2-0 score, while Mahra-Wolves Polo struggled to score.

In the second chukker, Habtoor Al Habtoor scored first for Mahra-Wolves Polo with a penalty shot. However, Mohammed Al Habtoor quickly responded, securing the third goal for his team and maintaining their lead. The third chukker saw Mahra-Wolves Polo catching up, tying the score with Habtoor Polo as Habtoor Al Habtoor scored another goal, while Tariq Al Habtoor giving his team a 3-4 lead by the chukker's end.

As the tension reached its peak, the final chukker concluded in a deadlock, necessitating an overtime period. However, even amidst this extended play, Habtoor Polo demonstrated resilience and determination. Ultimately, Mohammed Al Habtoor's golden goal secured victory, thus clinching the title in the AHPC League 2024 final match.

Match Progression: Habtoor Polo vs. Mahra-Wolves Polo 2 – 0 | 3 - 2 | 3 – 4 | 4 – 4 | 5 – 4

 Lukas Tremmel, General Manager of Al Habtoor Polo Resort honored and presented the awards to the teams of the day; Mohammed Al Habtor as the Most Valuable Player, Chirola as the Best Playing Pony ridden by Tariq Al Habtoor.